Congress and seminars

Parallel to the trade fair, the visitors can expect a premium congress program with lectures, seminars and workshops.


Look forward to our keyspeakers at the congress. The 2022 congress will focus on diabetic foot syndrome and biomechanics of the foot.

Prof. Bernhard Greitemann, as one of the most important representatives of Technical Orthopedics, will shed light on the complexity of Diabetic Foot Syndrome, with a special focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and stage-adapted care.

Sicco Bus is one of the most important researchers worldwide when it comes to shoe care for the diabetic foot. His research group has published landmark studies in recent years. Sicco Bus will present the latest findings from his research.

Kelly Robb and Dr. Michael Ryan have pursued scientific careers in Canada after training as orthopedic shoemakers. They will present the most important foot and insole theories from the Anglo-Saxon world and present current research results on insoles - including the "comfort filter", which is much discussed in the sports footwear sector.

Thomas Stief: After completing his training as a craftsman, Thomas Stief switched to science and now teaches and works at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen. He will present the biomechanical concepts on foot and insole fitting commonly used in Germany and evaluate them from a current scientific point of view.

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The forum is the action space within the trade fair hall, where exhibitors can present their novelties to the specialist audience and where they can get in direct contact to it. The lectures last 25 minutes. On Friday (day of the apprentices) schools will present interesting lectures here. The lectures in the forum are open and free for all visitors.